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The Grog Ration

The Grog Ration

The Grog Ration

The National Civil War Naval Museum announces a new series of events entitled The Grog Ration. This series explores the history of alcohol and the culture around the production and consumption of various “adult” beverages.

Join us on September 19 for the initial Grog Ration, when museum historian will discuss the origin of grog and it’s association with the navies of the world. Learn some of the lingo and why British citizens are sometimes referred to as “limeys.”

During the American Civil War, the grog ration continued as a staple of naval culture, but social pressure from the temperance movement brought an end to the practice in the US Navy in 1862, with quite a few ugly words muttered by sailors. The Confederate Navy continued the practice throughout the war.

Receive your first grog ration on September 19 at 7:00 PM. Cost is $35. Please pre-register to let us know how many rations to obtain.


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Location: 1002 Victory Drive

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